This way a very unique job for us as we got to build the cabinets, base, casing, doors and counter tops out of reclaimed materials. It's truly a one of a kind home now and we were very proud of the way it turned out! 


The maple was a lot of work to get ready to go into cabinets and cabinet doors, but worth it as the end of the day to achieve this look! We had boxcar flooring counter tops but in the wet area they used granite and the contrast turned out beautifully. 


And for a little extra character, why not add some cut off rail road spike door pulls? They make perfect door pulls and can make any piece of furniture or individual cabinet really stand out and become a one of a kind type of piece! 


The reclaimed vanity was a beauitful rustic rough saw cherry from Kansas. Keeping some of the radial saw marks kept some character and amazing color in this piece. Once again they feature the railroad spike pulls! 




This table was made from the reclaimed floor trusses from the Tension Envelope factory in historic downtown Kansas City. This lumber was all hidden under the floor for decades and now it has a new life in this beautiful exterior dining table. 


The building they were in originally was the first building to have an envelope folding machine west of the Mississippi River. That was in 1894, and all the envelopes were delivered by horse and trailer for local deliveries or by train for longer hauls. There were multiple pub tables made for a local Fort Collins bar called Tap N Handle. 


In 2008 Tension Envelope moved to its current location in Kansas City, Missouri. The building was carefulyl deconstructed piece by piece and this beautiful lumber ended up in our hands. The color and structure this lumber has, has enabled us to make some very nice and unique designs. This one is sitting in Mark Sommers dining room and is a very contemporary touch to a reclaimed product. 



At Circle Goods a lot of our furniture is made with metal brackets, some of which have been reclaimed from the KODAK building in Windsor, CO. Here, the brackets are used to create a floating leg illusion. The color of the powder coating on the brackets gives it a very contemporary look that truly makes this desk stand out. 


They used the brackets to hold a piece of lumber that acted as a bumper and kept the forklifts from hitting the walls of the building. The brackets have been powder coated to different colors. Some have been heated up with a torch and gun blued adding a really nice rustic tone to the piece. This credenza with the bright red brackets is a very unique piece. The file cabinets are a reclaimed product themselves. 




2013 - present 

Railroads were the beginning of a revolution in the Americas that sped up the delivery times of goods and how fast people could get across the country. History books are filled with the story of the railroad and it's development. One thing used by the railroad throughout the years was a classic bridge design called the trestle bridge. In order to emphasize the history of the material, we used steel to make a mock trestle leg on either side of the boxcar flooring top. 


The railroad carved a path through the Midwest, up over and through the great Rockies and to the west coast. During this time, it attracted people from all over the country and even the world; immigrants came to seize an opportunity with the railroad. From the best characters to some of the worst the west was conquered by the railroad and this credenza was inspired by the ever turning and changing path of the rails. The railroad was extremely innovative for it's time, so why not be inspired to do something innovative with design? 


All of the boxcar flooing we receive has come from food grade cars. They have carried wine, beer and many other items all over. Much of this boxcar flooring goes into bar tops or counter tops. But why not wine racks? This is what we call a "Sit'N'Sip," with storage for 20 bottles below and perfect high as a bench. 



2013 - present


2014 - Present

This was a project we had started in 2013 and Mark had a chance to become a partner in this brewery and took it. It's been a lot of fun seeing it all come together and the brewery just had a chance to have it's Grand Opening in September 2014. Circle Goods had a chance to do some really neat things both large scale and much smaller. We really think what we do is great for breweries and unique establishments alike. 


The bar is made of mahogany boxcar flooring and yes that is a tractor steering wheel in the bar. Makes for a great designated ordering space and is a very fun way to make that happen. 


Mark even has a farm with some very old barns on it and we removed the metal roof off of an old lean to. It now is the ceiling in the Berthoud Brewing Company. It gives great character and makes for a very welcoming feel to the establishment. 


The pub tables are all made from the same material as the bar. They have steel wrapped edges and a hand rubbed finish. The legs to these tables are actually rafters for the boxcar themselves. The back of the bench is actually the center part of the rafter and they made for a perfect angle for the back rest. 


The bar had some great character including the yellow stripe at the end which has garnered lots of attention from visitors. It is a low maintenance durable bar surface that has become a show piece in the brewery.