The pieces made at Circle Goods are put together by a gathering of elements. Our products have no limits as to what they can be, so why limit what we do? The process really starts with cleaning up the lumber, taking nails and bolts out, then removing enough of the paint or residue on it to see the real product. Once it is at this stage, we start putting pieces together, whether it will have a metal base, whether it will be better served as a wine cellar, sliding door or bar top perhaps. 


Everything built by Circle Goods is built to withstand decade after decade, and be just as beautiful as the day you bought it. All of our tables and bar tops get thorough glue and fitted joints, to ensure it will be as solid as it can be. They get full filled with an apoxy mix to make sure you get to keep the character of the reclaimed product and can still enjoy a flat smooth top. 


All products get flat sanded on an industrial sized wide belt sander then hand sanded and buffed. They then receive a finish specific to its future use to make sure it will hold up and be a product you can be proud of. After all the buildings are material comes from were well built, shouldn't your new piece of furniture be built on the same principle? We think so, and go through every step to make sure your piece is built to outlive us. 




The use of metal and reclaimed lumber gives a little more modern look to a product typically considered to be more rustic. The pieces built here are truly a modern reclaimed genre all their own. This style really sets us apart from other furnture builders you will see in the reclaimed world. You will see anything from decorative wall pieces to set off an entry way or dining room to wine cellars or beds. The artist behind it all, Mark Sommers, never seems content to build one style or one piece and mass produce it. Making every piece truly one of a kind and piece all your own. Always finding new elements and materials to work with will make Circle Goods an ever evolving brand with the goal to make every piece your piece, and yours alone. 

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